Friday, January 27, 2012

Ritz Chicken!

So, after finding a great idea on pinterest I decided to make Ritz Fried Chicken! It was so yummy and was very easy to do.

First, I opened two rolls of Ritz crackers and put them in a large ziplock bag and used my hands to crush them up into tiny pieces (it did not take long since they are pretty easy to crush).

Next, I poured vegetable oil in a medium skillet (enough to cover half the tender) and turned the stove on medium heat and allow the oil to get hot while prepping the rest.

Then, I poured liquid egg into a bowl and placed my rinsed chicken tenders in it.

Next, I placed the egg covered tenders (3 at a time) in the large crushed cracker bag, zipped it up and shook it until the tenders were covered completely in the crackers.

Then, I carefully placed the covered tenders in the hot oil and allowed them to cook for 3 minutes on one side then flipped them over and cooked another 3 minutes (of course you should judge it based on how hot your oil is).

Once they were done I allowed them to dry on a plate covered in paper towels. They were so good!!! I recommend them to everyone :)

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