Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Decided to start a blog!

After reading several of my friend's blogs I decided it would be a nice way for family and friends that are far away :(

We have finally settled after a long holiday travel season (we had a blast) but there is nothing like being back in your own home and slowed down a bit.. but that means Jake is back in school (last semester ever!!! yay!) 

Well as everyone knows (because of my constant facebook updates) Ellie is now 4 months old! Yes FOUR.. oh my goodness time has flown by and we have loved every minute we have been blessed thus far. She is the highlight of our day and we already do not know what we would do without her!

Newest things for Ellie include:
1) hanging out in her high chair (because she wants to sit up sooooooo bad but cannot do it alone yet)
2) playing with her toes (she prefers them without the sock)
3) chewing on her hands (and everything she can possibly get her hands on)
4) GIGGLING! (yes, it's the most amazing sound I have ever heard)

I believe she is starting to understand her name (or it could just be Jake and my voice) because she turns her head when she hears it! She is enjoying her husky! Jasmine will walk into the room and it's an Ellie instant smile :) 
Can't you see that love!

Oh and Ellie really enjoys a good book! Right after a fun bath and a good nursing session she is all about a bed time story and thanks to the book club her Nana and Papa have signed her up for, she already has a nice selection (of course we read several of them over and over). 

sometimes we like to put them on our head

Thanks for catching up with us and I will post again soon :) We are looking forward to more Ellie progress soon! Here is our precious baby girl on her 4 month birthday!

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