Monday, January 30, 2012

Picture Project

Yesterday I finished another project late in the evening so I decided to post it today and Ellie has just now given me some free time to write :)
I have so many pictures of Ellie that I want displayed but not enough money (or wall space) for frames, so I decided to create something for this problem!

I used pink string and a staple gun to attach them to the letters after I painted them. I also used normal clothes pins but bought zebra print duck tape and cut slivers and put them on the clothes pins to be decorative! I have only made five clothes pins so far so my picture crisis is yet to be solved, but there will be more as soon as I have extra time :) The more I look at it the more I like it haha! At first I was not so sure.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Every girl needs accessories!

So! After a year of growing my hair out I decided I needed to lighten my load. I did not anticipate the cut being so drastic, BUT it turned out great! I love it and it is so much easier to get things done already! I cut a total of 4 inches off and now Ellie doesn't have to worry about my hair getting in the way of a meal ;) so yay for that! 

Here it is!

Also, we woke up this morning to Ellie receiving her new hat! We absolutely love it already and luckily she has room to grow :) and it seems that she actually likes it! We have had a difficult time with any kind of hats but she has been wearing this one all afternoon without a problem :) 

Isn't it just precious! 

We found it on Etsy and this woman did an excellent job! We may end up ordering another in a different color at another time :) If you want to check it out here is her link:

And I finished another little project I started after finding something similar on pinterest! Yes, I am addicted and I am okay with that ;)
But for anyone who has saved all their wedding cards, and has no idea what to do with them and they are just stashed away in a box somewhere because there are so many, You should totally consider doing something similar!




It is now sitting on our shelf with all of our photo albums :) I also think I am going to make another for all the Christmas cards we received and label it "Ellie's First Christmas" 
We do have a section in her baby book for her First Christmas but it does not have nearly enough room for all her cards this year from all our family and friends. Can you say blessed? 

Well that is all for now but I am working on a few other projects that I will show you later :) but we are going out to show Ellie's new hat off :) 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Ritz Chicken!

So, after finding a great idea on pinterest I decided to make Ritz Fried Chicken! It was so yummy and was very easy to do.

First, I opened two rolls of Ritz crackers and put them in a large ziplock bag and used my hands to crush them up into tiny pieces (it did not take long since they are pretty easy to crush).

Next, I poured vegetable oil in a medium skillet (enough to cover half the tender) and turned the stove on medium heat and allow the oil to get hot while prepping the rest.

Then, I poured liquid egg into a bowl and placed my rinsed chicken tenders in it.

Next, I placed the egg covered tenders (3 at a time) in the large crushed cracker bag, zipped it up and shook it until the tenders were covered completely in the crackers.

Then, I carefully placed the covered tenders in the hot oil and allowed them to cook for 3 minutes on one side then flipped them over and cooked another 3 minutes (of course you should judge it based on how hot your oil is).

Once they were done I allowed them to dry on a plate covered in paper towels. They were so good!!! I recommend them to everyone :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Amazing personalized jewelry!

I recently purchased a necklace with Ellie's birthday on it that I absolutely love!! For all my mommy friends and friends that love personalized jewelry you should visit this site and take a look around :)

Here is my precious necklace!

Decided to start a blog!

After reading several of my friend's blogs I decided it would be a nice way for family and friends that are far away :(

We have finally settled after a long holiday travel season (we had a blast) but there is nothing like being back in your own home and slowed down a bit.. but that means Jake is back in school (last semester ever!!! yay!) 

Well as everyone knows (because of my constant facebook updates) Ellie is now 4 months old! Yes FOUR.. oh my goodness time has flown by and we have loved every minute we have been blessed thus far. She is the highlight of our day and we already do not know what we would do without her!

Newest things for Ellie include:
1) hanging out in her high chair (because she wants to sit up sooooooo bad but cannot do it alone yet)
2) playing with her toes (she prefers them without the sock)
3) chewing on her hands (and everything she can possibly get her hands on)
4) GIGGLING! (yes, it's the most amazing sound I have ever heard)

I believe she is starting to understand her name (or it could just be Jake and my voice) because she turns her head when she hears it! She is enjoying her husky! Jasmine will walk into the room and it's an Ellie instant smile :) 
Can't you see that love!

Oh and Ellie really enjoys a good book! Right after a fun bath and a good nursing session she is all about a bed time story and thanks to the book club her Nana and Papa have signed her up for, she already has a nice selection (of course we read several of them over and over). 

sometimes we like to put them on our head

Thanks for catching up with us and I will post again soon :) We are looking forward to more Ellie progress soon! Here is our precious baby girl on her 4 month birthday!